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     We are inimi. If you would like to know us: We are small group: Artists, Philosophers, Designers.  We created and collaborated on these shirt designs then continued together to pick the best colors and to simplify and complete these original designs.  We discuss the nature of our social ideas and the nature of human kind. The Ying/Yang of nature, man, the sexes.


   We are not a Print on Demand site. We use screen printers. No faded images. Supplying jobs. Done by hands. Delivery will feel personal and grateful. Included with every shirt will be a small original work of art. These will be small drawings, works on paper, quick sketches, etc. Allow us a few weeks for delivery unless you ask for something expedited. Please feel free to send us a photo of you in or out of one of our shirts. We might put you on our page either in rotation or as a permanent fixture.

   Thank you for visiting this site. There are myriad of t-shirt websites out there.  We are honored that you came to ours. If you have any questions, just ask. All of our designs have been Copy-written and Trademarked.

Again, Thank you for your patronage.

White Crosses
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